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Nominate an Employee


The Office of Facilities & Economic Development (F&ED [Facilities & Economic Development] ) oversees the operations of Auxiliary Services, Economic Development, Facilities Management, Sustainability and Real Estate Management. While each of these entities is crucial to the University’s overall achievements, success cannot be attained without the diligent efforts of each of our team members. The Facilities & Economic Development Awards program provides an opportunity to recognize some of the most exceptional F&ED workers who have consistently exceeded expectations as they work and serve the UT Dallas community.


The staff member must be full-time/part-time, or a student employee. Members of the awards committee are not eligible to receive an award.

Process for Nomination

  • Nominee must be a F&ED employee
  • Complete the Employee Award Nomination Form (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ) and return to by the deadline mentioned in that form.
  • Please ensure that all fields in the nomination form are complete and accurate
  • Provide specific examples of how the nominee has met the criteria for the selected award category


The F&ED Service Excellence Award

  • A person that embodies the core values of F&ED: Service excellence, innovation, community partnerships, sustainability, and results-oriented
  • Continuously seeks ways to improve satisfaction when providing services to various members of the University community (students, staff, faculty, visitors)
  • Builds a community within the department
  • Eliminates barriers by communicating and collaborating with others to address a need

The Innovator Award

  • Provides creative solutions to problems and thinks outside of the box
  • Suggests new ways to improve the quality of services or programming
  • Consistently brings new ideas to the team

The Rising Star Award

  • A new addition to the team (1 year or less of employment within F&ED)
  • Shows significant potential to be a star employee at UTD
  • His/her work performance surpasses or exceeds the job description and he/she demonstrates commitment to the team and University
  • Has contributed a significant amount of positive impact on the team

The Sam Eicke Behind the Scenes Wonder Award

  • Provides quality work behind the scenes that contribute to the success of operations, programs or projects
  • Someone whose distinguished work makes everything go smoothly for everyone else
  • Performs above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the smooth sailing of various operations

Selection Process

The F&ED award recipients are selected by a committee formed by F&ED employees. The committee decisions are based on the information submitted by the nominator(s). Once a decision is made, the nominee will be announced and awarded at the next major F&ED meeting.

Please contact Benjamin Hong ( with any questions.