Fun Facts

Quite a Bit

Moe’s Southwestern Grill® in the Student Union used 25,800 fresh tomatoes in their dishes during the 2016-2017 academic year. If tomatoes were bits, that would have been 30 times the data that one of the magnetic stripe cards in your pocket could hold!

Bring a Big Appetite

Panda Express® in the Student Union serves over 15,000 pounds of rice a year. That’s a bit more than the estimated living weight of “Sue,” the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex specimen housed in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History!

The Tower of Bagel

Our on-campus Einstein Bros. Bagels® served more than 80,000 bagels this year. Assuming each bagel had a six-inch diameter, stacked edge to edge, they would have risen 7.5 miles, a column of bagels that could have started at the bottom of Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench, and still poked out of the waters of the Pacific Ocean!


107,618 feet of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC [heating, ventilation and air conditioning] ) piping was installed inside Engineering & Computer Science West (ECSW [Engineering & Computer Science West] ) —that’s 20.4 miles worth. All that piping could stretch from the UT Dallas Bookstore to the entrance of the Dallas Zoo!

Welcome to the City of UT Dallas!

The daytime population of our University in 2019 was about 33,000 —equivalent to being the 102nd most populous city of the 1435 cites in the State of Texas.

All Aboard!

Our Comet Cruiser (DART [Dallas Area Rapid Transit] Shuttle Bus Route 883) transported 1,378,177 passengers in 2018 —more than everyone living in Collin County at the time!

Full Stack

Our campus IHOP® serves an average of 4,600 pancakes per week. Assuming a pancake thickness of one quarter-inch, a stack of all those pancakes would be more than twice as tall as the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles!

If Only

Engineering & Computer Science West (ECSW [Engineering & Computer Science West] ) contains 9,150 cubic yards of concrete in its building structure. Turn that concrete into ice cream and you’d have 1,848,063 gallons. That’s enough to give every UT Dallas student 1.2 gallons of ice cream every week for a year!

True as Steel

Engineering & Computer Science West (ECSW [Engineering & Computer Science West] ) uses 750 tons of structural steel. Though the Statue of Liberty is largely made of copper, ECSW [Engineering & Computer Science West] ’s structural steel would be enough to build nearly five statues of Lady Liberty!

San Francisco Treats

The Market bakes 17,654 cookies a year. If each cookie had a three-inch diameter, all those cookies laid side by side would stretch halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.