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Sciences Building and Campus Landscape Enhancement Project - Phase III

Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting

Representatives from The University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Texas System, and the City of Richardson came together on March 6, 2024, to give the Sciences Building and the third phase of the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project the dedication and ribbon-cutting that couldn’t be celebrated when both construction efforts were completed in the middle of the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown.

The speakers at this double-dedication, in order of appearance, were: Dr. Calvin D. Jamison, vice president for Economic Development; Dr. Richard C. Benson, president of the University; Christina Melton Crain, UT System regent; Arefin Shamsul, mayor pro tem for the City or Richardson; Dr. Inga Musselman, vice president for Academic Affairs and provost; Dr. David Hyndman, dean for the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics; and Alison Spadaro, secretary for Student Government and a student at the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics.

The 187,000-square-foot Sciences Building holds 21 labs, a dozen classrooms, offices, a 300-seat and two 150-seat lecture halls, an open green courtyard and The Market, a convenient dining option for students, faculty, and guests. Laboratories have been outfitted for research and instruction in cryogenics, optics, magnetism and electricity. A special large collaboration space allows for research and classroom areas to be joined together, and the facility’s L-shaped design gives students the opportunity to observe science in action as they pass ground-floor labs.

The latest phase of the Campus Landscape Enhancement Project brought improvements to the Geology Corridor, to paths on the east side of Cecil H. Green Hall and to the banks of Cottonwood Creek on the north end of campus. The University’s beloved Love Jack pop art sculpture was moved to a place of prominence in the north part of Margaret McDermott Mall across from TI Plaza, and much of Rutford Avenue was replaced with a broad, tree-lined Pedestrian Promenade running through the heart of campus. This phase also added 1,200 new trees and numerous smaller plantings to campus.


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